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Nest of Varna

Available Resin Raven Skull

Available Resin Raven Skull

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A resin printed skull of a Raven. This print has some weight to it and makes a perfect addition to your collection. Can be a nice conversation piece, a pop of color in your oddity collection, a desk paper weight, or just something to admire. It's truly beautiful.

Made with translucent SLA resin and is printed to order. After printing it goes through some post processing and an additional cure to make sure it's safe to handle. Uncured resin can be potentionally harmful. Also a top coat will be applied. Due to this and print time please allow some time before it's on its way to you. Thank you.

The reason the purple and yellow are a tad higher in price compared to the others is due to being a more premium resin and I don't get as much as I would normally. 

I'm going to experiment with colors with the normal transparent resin as well but these models will most likely be in the available print section if I feel they are sellable. They will be the most unique when it comes to colors.

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