Who is Nest of Varna?

Hello and welcome to the Nest!

Thank you for visiting my shop and blog. Nest of Varna is a Tavern/Inn/Store in our homebrew world that we made for TTRPGs. Even when we haven't been able to play, we wanted to bring our creation to partial life and try to make it a real thing. At least as real as we can make it.

For now this is just a 3D Print Shop and blog but hopefully some point it will grow into much more. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here, the products we make, the lore we provide, and potentionally be apart of our growth. 

The lore will consist of primarily world descriptions, characters, and more strewn in where I can put it. 


Creator/Owner: Hello my name is Coby and I'm the creator/owner of the Nest of Varna an this store. I began playing TTRPG games a few years ago and fell in love with them. I ended up becoming a forever dm since the beginning. My second session ended up becoming my first dm session. The first was where I learned how to play the game. Ever since, I've been hooked. 

I got into 3D printing actually due to this hobby. I wanted to create terrain and minis for my players and soon after I begun, my group ended up having a falling out and haven't gotten to play since. My printer sat idle for a bit until I got the idea to try to open this business (and finally use my business degree.) One printer turned into three and currently here we are until I expand. A few other shop sites hadn't done well at all for me so I'm trying my luck here. I hope you enjoy it here and learn the lore and characters!