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Nest of Varna

Adorable Snake Flexy

Adorable Snake Flexy

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Looking for a unique and adorable addition to your collection? Look no further than the Cute Danger Noodle Figurine with a Boopable Snoot! This charming snake figurine is 3D printed to perfection and is sure to steal your heart.


Crafted from premium materials, this figurine boasts remarkable attention to detail, from the scales on its body all the way down to its expressive eyes. With its boopable snoot, this snake figurine is perfect for playtime or display on your desk or bookshelf.


Get ready for endless hours of fun interacting with this charming and playful addition. Whether you're an avid collector or just looking for a fun gift idea, our Cute Danger Noodle Figurine with a Boopable Snoot will make an excellent choice that will undoubtedly bring joy into your life.


Order yours today and add some whimsy into any space!


Model by Zou. Nest of Varna is an authorised seller.



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