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Battle of Visby 1361 Human Skull Replica

Battle of Visby 1361 Human Skull Replica

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This is a PLA replica of a skull that was found in a mass grave from the battle of Visby in 1361.

It would make an amazing and unique decoration piece in your oddity collection. Since this is a replica, it can go to the 3 states where having human remains are illegal. 

This replica comes from a scan of the skull and is actual size and is provided by the Swedish History Museum. 

"The Swedish History Museum holds a large collection of bones of various kinds, including human remains. We living humans are both appalled by and attracted to visible evidence of death. The scanned human remains presented on Sketchfab from our museum are important museum artefacts, chosen because they represent a specific historical event. They also represent one of humanity’s worst acts: violence towards other humans. It is therefore our wish that you, as a viewer, use the 3D-models with respect.

The image shows a human cranium with injuries on its left and front side. A small, square hole above the left eye and on the left cheek bone was probably caused by a pole weapon or a battle axe. The gash across the mouth could have been caused by a sword or a thin bladed axe.The cranium is one of several thousand artifacts found in a mass grave outside Visby on the island Gotland. All remains and objects found on the site stem from a battle between Gotlandic peasants and Danish mercenaries on 27 July 1361."

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